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#‎SeasonsGreetings‬ to you all! 

Made from the ever constant ‪#‎tide‬ (recorded in ‪#‎whitstable‬) alongside the beautifully haunting arrangement from ‪#‎GustavHolst‬ o‪#‎inthebleakmidwinter‬.

‪#‎Happychristmas‬ to all in ‪#‎kent‬‪#‎lincolnshire‬, ‪#‎london‬ and the rest of the ‪#‎world‬!

I’m very much looking forward being at #TheFishslabGallery in #whitstable from the 11th - 17th of December selling various bits and pieces of artwork and photography. You’ll be able to buy greeting cards to limited edition prints in variety of styles to suit your budget, along with official calendars to little baby canvases on easels! Also if you like an image of mine but would prefer it in the frame, size, or finish of another you can leave your details and make an order either with me personally in the gallery or online! Come along if only to say hello and do please spread the word! See you there. Jx

 Author, Lauren Johnson. 

Soon to be releasing her Debut novel “The Arrow of Sherwood”. Pre-order now and follow for updates on Twitter @ArrowofSherwood


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